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Wedding Menu Costs: Navigating Your Food Budget for the Big Day

Planning a wedding? The first thing to ask yourselves is, “What’s our budget?” Starting your married life shouldn’t mean starting it off with a pile of regrettable debt.

It’s easy to get carried away by the allure of Pinterest-worthy invites, floral arrangements, and twinkling lights. But, these can put a serious dent in your budget. So, the next question is, “What really matters to us, and what’s just nice to have?” If amazing wedding food tops your list, you’re in the right spot. We’ve got the scoop on different catering options and a cost breakdown to help you budget for your big day.

The Wedding Menu
Your food choice significantly impacts costs. Top-quality meats like lamb, fillet, game, and certain seafood options generally come at a higher cost per guest. But hey, a skilled chef can whip up delightful dishes from more budget-friendly meats, just takes a dash of creativity. Caterers vary in quotes, but remember, quality often matches the price. Ensure you understand what’s covered in the quote and dive into client testimonials for some insider intel. Also, bear in mind that quotes over a year in advance might factor in inflation.

Food Service
How your food gets served also plays a role in your wedding budget. Here’s the lowdown:

It’s considered pricier due to more service staff. But the upside? Minimal food wastage compared to buffets. Tip: If you want plated food but offer menu options, have guests preselect with their RSVP.

More affordable with less staff needed. But remember, excess variety can spike costs. Stick to quality over quantity to keep things in check.

Family Style:
It’s gaining popularity for its homely feel. Less wastage and suited for themed weddings.

Food Stations:
Fun and casual, but each station setup adds to costs.

Canapés & Harvest Tables:
Can quickly rack up costs, especially with gourmet options.

Platter and Crockery Hire
Food presentation matters, but intricate platters might push the budget.

Service & Kitchen Staff
Staff numbers depend on your wedding size and style. Sundays and holidays might double staff costs.

Midnight Snacks & Breakfasts
Becoming popular but add extra staffing expenses.

Venue & Kitchen
Venue choice can impact kitchen setup and transport costs.

When scouting caterers, have a clear wedding vision and budget in mind. Details help caterers tailor menus to your needs.

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